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Stop paying too much for your prescription drug

Get your FREE Prescription Card and begin using at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. You can Print card or just show the card picture on your Iphone to the pharmacist.

Pharmacy Lista website is optimized for mobile devices to provide you the ability to search for pharmacies near you and view and compare prescription drug prices on your iphone.

Pharmacy discount card

Here are some of thousands of pharmacies

The Pharmacy discount card:

Thousands of doctors give the pharmacy discount card to their patients to get discounts in more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

How does the card work?

Present your card at any of the thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains. Just show your discount card to the pharmacist each time you fill or refill a prescription.

How much will you save with this card?

Savings average from 45% up to 80%. Savings depends upon the medication and the pharmacy.

When would you use this card?

  • When the price could beat your insurance copay.
  • When the insurance doesn't cover the prescription you need.
  • When you do not have health coverage and need a medication.

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Compare drug prices:

Type your prescription drug along with your zip code to compare pharmacy prices to find the best prescription drug prices in your area.

Drugs prices vary by pharmacies location or chains and are subject to change. Ask your pharmacist for an accurate price at time of sale.

Look for a pharmacy near you:

Start here and find the cheapest pharmacy near you to save on prescription. If you need to find more, you can expand your search in 5-mile increments up.

Our program covers Pet Medications too!


Prescription pet medications:

It is not necessary for you to purchase your pet’s medications from your veterinarian. There are many drugs used to treat pets that are the same medications used for human consumption. Many of your pet’s medications are available at a discount using our card at your local pharmacy.